The Vision

A first principle is the most basic starting point from which all else follows. To derive a product from first principles means to understand every step of its creation, from cotton seed to shop window.

The Reality

In practice production chains extend over large swathes of space and time which makes it extremely difficult to grasp them completely, let alone control every step. Take something as simple as a white cotton t-shirt. The cotton must be grown from seed in a country with the correct climate. It must be harvested and processed into (coloured) fabric. It must be transported to a factory where it must be cut and sewn into a garment. It must be transported again to a shop or warehouse. And this is just the production of the physical good. Without design and marketing the t-shirt would remain without value, and potential wearers would remain unaware of its existence.

The Solution

Our solution is to gradually extend our control of the production process, starting with the final product and working back through the different stages. As our competences and resources grow we can bring more and more stages under our own control.

Another aspect of the solution is to question the accepted first principles. Must we always make clothes from newly grown cotton-based textiles? Can we use recycled materials? Can we produce fabrics from other plants, or even other sources altogether?

The Spelling

Why didn't we spell principle properly? It doesn't matter how sustainable your clothes are, they also have to look cool, they have to make you feel like you're the First Principal.

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