How we make garments

July 01, 2022

The way we make garments evolves continously. This video shows our current garment production process, as of July 2022:

  1. We screen print our fabrics by hand, at East London Printmakers. We use only water based binders and inks. Our fabrics are always linen, or linen blends (linen/cotton, linen/hemp, linen/wool). We source them primarily from John England (an Irish linen weaver). We sometimes also work with vintage linens found in markets.

  2. We develop the garment patterns. This step is very time consuming. Producing a satisfactory pattern takes many iterations and experiments. It is a worthwhile investment though, because once perfected, a pattern will serve forever.

  3. We cut the fabric into pattern pieces.

  4. We stitch the pattern pieces together into the finished garment. This takes place at the FC Designer Workspace, in Finsbury Park.

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